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When to keep your child home from school.

A guideline to follow on making a decision to send your student to school. 


Medication order form. (new 9/8/14)

All medication given in schools, including Over-the-Counter medication, requires a physician's order. Use this form for your physician to write a medication order.


Certificate of Immunization form.

Use this form for your doctor to provide necessary information.


Emergency  medical form for bus drivers

An information sheet for parents to use to inform Connolly Bus Co. of any life threating illness or conditions that the company's bus drivers should be aware of. 

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Health Services Mission Statement

Our Mission is to enhance the educational process by 
modification or removal of health related barriers to learning
and to promote an optimal level of wellness.

Our services include:

Nursing Care (First Aid, Illness Assessment,

Communicable Disease Control and Health Care Referrals)

Medication Administration (See Medication Policy)

Skilled Nursing care and case management for students 
with special health care needs (Individualized Health Care Plans)

Individual health counseling and education for students,
parents, and school staff

Health Screening (Height, Weight, Vision, Hearing and Postural)

Cumulative School Health Record (Medical history, Immunizations,

Physical Examinations and Screening Results)




Director of Nursing
Patricia Harrison, BSN, RN, NCSN 
Phone: (508) 261-7559 Fax: 508-261-7528
Cell Phone: (508) 254-3238

Mansfield High School
Christine Harrison, BSN, RN, NCSN 
Betsy Savoie, MSN, RN
Phone: (508) 261-7540 Ext 3111/3121
Grades 9-12
Fax: (508) 261-7416

Qualters Middle School
Elayne Brown, BSN, MSW, RN
Lisa Anderson, BSN, RN, NCSN 
Phone: (508) 261-7530 Ext. 1 
Grades 6-8 
Fax: (508) 261-7374

Jordan Jackson Elementary School
Christine Dooling, MSN, RN 
Elizabeth Johnston, BSN, RN, NCSN
Phone: (508) 261-7520/7525 
Fax: (508) 261-7522 
Grades 3-5

Robinson School
Sue McGinley, BSN, RN, NCSN
Tammy Rozelle, MSN, RN
Phone: (508) 261-7387
Fax: (508) 261-7389
Grades K-2 /Little Hornets

Roland Green School 
Debora Wirth, BSN, RN, NCSN
Phone: (508) 261-1561
Fax: (508) 261-7415
Grade: PreK

*All staff are Massachusetts DESE Licensed*


Guidelines for Contacting the School Nurse 
School Exclusion Guidelines (New 4/15/15)
Healthy Smiles 
Flu Guide: A guide to parents 
Health Policy & Protocols







The Massachusetts Coordinated 

School Health Model



School Entry:  Required Immunizations (updated 4/15/15)

Bus and Fire Dept. Emergency Information Forms

Medication and Care Plan Forms

Health Information

Hearing, Vision, Postural Screening, Growth Screening & Physical Exams


Resource Links

Food & Social Services Resources (new)

Spring Time Allergies - Are You Ready?

Massachusetts Department of Public Health   

Centers of Disease Control   

American Diabetes Association   

Asthma and Allergy Foundation

Epilepsy Foundation   

Kids Health   

Mass in Motion   

Military Families   









Measles Make Sure Your Child Is Fully Immunized

 Information link





Health News


 Flu information


1. CDC Flu information (PDF link)

2. Flu symptom check list (PDF link)

3. Flu guide for parents (PDF link)