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Jordan / Jackson Elementary (Grades 3-5)
255 East Street, Mansfield, MA 02048
Phone:  (508) 261-7525  Fax:  (508) 261-7534
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Welcome to

Jordan / Jackson Elementary School

We care about ourselves. We care about others. We care about our school.

Our school community is comprised of 1,000 third-through fifth-grade students, and the teachers, staff, families, and larger community that support these students’ education. As members of the Jordan/Jackson community, we promote a passion for life-long learning, the motivation to achieve, and the responsibility to care for ourselves and others.

The Jordan/Jackson School opened in 2002 in a campus setting in Mansfield, Massachusetts that includes the Robinson School, Qualters Middle School, and Mansfield High School. This location provides outstanding opportunities for cross-grade level learning experiences. For example, MHS foreign language students teach lessons to J/J students; fifth-grade students lead kindergarteners in S.T.E.M. activities over at the Robinson School; and MHS Career Pathways students support our J/J teachers and students as they begin to pursue their own careers in education.

We believe in fostering strong family/school partnerships. To that end, during the year we sponsor numerous events such as the annual Curriculum Nights, parent/teacher conferences, Family Math Night, Family Reading Night, and Family Science Night. In addition, there are often special seminars such as last year’s Parent Technology Night and Katie Greer’s Cyber-Safety presentation. J/J is supported at a high level by MESA (Mansfield Elementary Schools Association) and all families are considered members of the organization. Please visit the MESA website http://www.mesa4parents.org/ to share your contact information and learn how you can become more involved in this organization that provides our students with enriching assemblies and other fun learning activities.

Our teachers and staff work tirelessly to provide the optimum education for our students. While focused on providing the children with strong foundational skills which lead to college- and career-readiness, we are attuned to developing the whole child. Physical education, the visual and performing arts, and positive behavioral interventions and supports (P.B.I.S.) are integral facets of our program of studies.

Thank you for visiting our school website so that you can see the wonderful goings-on at the Jordan/Jackson School!



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Monday - Friday    8:00 - 4:00

West Office East Office
Phone:  508-261-7525 Phone:  508-261-7520
Fax:        508-261-7534 Fax:        508-261-7528

School Hours:  8:15 - 2:25

Office Hours:  8:00 - 4:00
Breakfast:  8:05 am Early Dismissal:  11:10 am

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Health Advisory

September 5, 2012 As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified, establishing healthy eating habits during childhood is easier and more effective than trying to change unhealthy behaviors in adulthood. Schools have a critical role to play in promoting the health and safety of children and helping them establish lifelong healthy patterns. The school environment should model a healthy lifestyle from the cafeteria to the classroom. Children should be given the opportunity to learn healthy eating practices during young ages. Mansfield Public Schools will implement the revised Wellness Policy beginning August 1, 2012. All celebrations (i.e. Birthdays, holidays etc...) will be non-food. Teachers should not use food or beverages as rewards for good behavior or academic progress unless it is part of a student's Individual Educational Plan or directed by a medical professional. The goal is to promote health, wellness, and safety within the schools by providing creative, interesting, and educational practices and rewards. If you have any questions about this practice, you can contact the school nurse in your school.


Green Schools is our effort to inform and

educate children in the many ways to be green.

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Jordan/Jackson's 2014 State Accountability Report Card


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