We would like to take the time to recognize the Mansfield men and women
who have served our country in the military since 9/11/2001

 US Flag
US Air Force
 US Army US Coast Guard   US Navy  US Marines

Naisha Adorno

David Albanese

Mike Alskinis

Ken Amador

Jason Armstrong

Lance Azevedo

Sean Balfe 
Cameron Barrows
Evan Benson

Rick Biedermann 
Luke Bourchard

Aaron Booker

Jeffrey Booker

William Booker

Colin Bradford

Valor Breez

Mark Brintnall

Zach Broderick
Erin Campbell
Eric Charron
William Campisano

Drew Cavanagh

A. J. Conlon

Ben Corliss 
Josh Courtemanche

Evan Darcy

Michael Davis

Mark DeAngelis

Tommy DeAngelis

Tyler DeAngelis

Joel Devine
Lance Doody
Chris Drew
Joshua Dunn

Joseph A. Ezersky

Michael Finer 
Patrick Fitzsimmons

Charles Foley Sr.
Adam Francis

Jason Francis

Kenneth Gerbick

Billy Gillis

Michael Giordano

Ken Gormley

Andy Gray

Thomas Gray

Michael Greene

Peter Hasslinger

Brent Heroux

Trevor Hoare

Jacob Holmes

Eric Holt

Ryan Houde 
Philip Jobin
Michael Johnson
Matthew Johnson
Jason Johnson

Brendan Kane

Chris Kerkoff -(Purple Heart Recipient)

Sean Kershaw

Eric Kelly

Sean Kelly

Ryan Larkin

Keisha Lewis-Cherfils

Jennifer Lindsay
Christopher Locke

Michael Loesher

Jeffrey Madden

Kevin Mayo

Christopher Mayo

Jake McCaffrey 
Michael McCue

Sean McGoldrick

Jason McKenna

Kevin Meede

Omar Mond

Francis Montmeny
James Morrissey

Brian Newton

Kerri-Lynn Nickerson

Timothy Norton

Ryan O'Connor

Glen Piro

Nick Piro 
Paul Piusz

Shane Polutchko

David W. Powers

Daniel  Ranahan

Kevin Ranahan

Timothy Regan

Nicholas Robbins

Joshua Rocha

Matt Rockwell

Robert J. Saquet

Matthew P. Schafer

Lawrence Schillberg

Jeffrey Schmidt

Ron Sellon 
Cory Shea - 

Walter Alan Sheets
Herbert Shipman

Mike Simonelli

William Smith

Robert Snowman
Randy Stearns

Nathan Sweetser
Skyler Swinhart
Ryan Thurber
Michael Tracewski
Phillip Tracewski

Jessica Troche
Jim Varga
William Vickery

Jamie Walsh

Craig Wilson

Adam Young

This list is generated originally from a list supplied to the football team as a part of "military appreciation night" in 2007. Since then we have tried to keep it current, but we rely on parents and friends to advise us of men and women currently serving. Please feel free to contact us to help keep this list current.

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